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    When Does Knee Pain Become Serious?

    Knee pain is no laughing matter, and oftentimes knee pain is ignored because a person doesn’t believe it’s serious. But when does knee pain actually become serious enough that it needs to be taken care of? How can you tell when you should come and

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    Lower Back Pain: When Should You Get Help?

    Low back pain is one Lower back pain can be one of the most intense pains the human body can experience, especially if the pain is acute and continuous. Thankfully, if you’re experiencing severe lower back pain, there are some ways that you can get

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    Common Sciatica Triggers and How to Treat it

    It never fails: you’re ready for some relaxation and fun with the family when suddenly you tweak your back, and you’re down for the count. Sciatica pain can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or more. The pain is radiating from

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    Clues You Might Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Do you work with your hands? If you sit behind a computer keyboard, use a computer mouse, use hand tools, use a cash register, play guitar, have diabetes, or are just unlucky, you may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. Even writing with a

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    Stiff Neck What To Do
    About It

    Modern treatment of neck pain puts a big emphasis on self-management, coping strategies, and a quick return to normal activities. Managing your stress is an important part of the treatment plan for neck pain. Symptoms of Neck Tension The symptoms of neck tension, which may

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